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CATALYST - that which initiates a reaction

What type of reaction are you looking for?  Soothing, calm and muted or sassy, bold and bright?  Choose your catalyst.

Let designer/artist Lynda Dashiell-Ohotnicky
 help you to create the catalyst pieces for your home.  Whether you are looking for a handpainted tile mural, handpainted sink, 
custom dinnerware or specially fabricated outdoor living accessories, Catalyst Home Designs will fulfill all of your needs.

Tropical Garden Square Vessel Sink

Catalyst Home Designs offers the following services:
      Design and Fabrication of
           Custom bathroom sinks
           Custom tiles (murals,
              borders, home names
              and street numbers)
           Custom tableware
              (dinnerware, serving
              pieces, accessories,
           Cushions and pillows for
              indoor or outdoor
           Sun shades, awnings, and
              umbrellas to compliment
              your indoor and outdoor
              home decor
           Boat accessories including
              vinyl seat covers, canvas
              boat covers, awnings and
            Repairs to canvas and sails.

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