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Pearls, pearls, pearls.  They come in all colors and sizes and it is hard for them to be anything but beautiful.  Shown here with handformed fine silver (.999 pure silver) pendants, they range in price from $100 to $250.  Earrings and bracelets are also available to match.  Wahine Designs Contemporary Jewelry is designed and handcrafted by metal artist Lynda Dashiell-Ohotnicky.  I incorporate pearls, semi-precious gems, beach glass and found objects in original designs of mine, or yours. Most items pictured here are in sterling or fine silver, but can also be made in gold..

Crinkle pendants are fun to wear, either with a purchased neckwire or your own favorite chain.  Shown here are pendants in sterling silver with turquoises, blister pearl, sea glass and mabe pearl.  The possibilities are endless!  Prices range from $50 to $180 per pendant.
My designs are interesting and unique, yet very wearable.  The colors of the sea, as well as its creatures, are often found in my work. 


Keumboo Collection.  These hand created domed and hollow forms make beautiful and lightweight jewelry.  Texture is key here and it is emphasized using keumboo - an ancient Korean process of adding 24 karat gold to fine silver.  Prices are from $125 to $220.  Each piece of jewelry is an original - although the same basic design may be used over and over, each piece is made separately using a different texture, causing each finished product to be unique. 

The many looks of beach glass - as stalactites hanging from a neckwire, elegant bezel set with freshwater pearl or as an ddition to a handmade necklace of freshwater pearls and apatite.  Necklaces range from 135 to $200.
Sometimes my customers like to provide some of the materials that go into my jewelry.  Perhaps they have an outdated piece of jewelry that needs a new design.  Something plain and unworn can be refurbished into a contemporary design that will be enjoyed for years to come.  Customers can also provide their own "found objects" - a beautiful piece of glass, stone or shell from a special vacation. 


Reef Collection.
Inspiration for this collection was the sea, the color and texture, and its creatures.  Handfabricated pieces of fine and sterling silver are adorned with blister pearls, cultured pearls, sea blue topazes and boulder opals.  Textures are reminiscent of soft coral reefs and the mark of the tide on the sand.  $125 to $250.
Special orders are invited and appreciated..

Handwoven fine silver choker necklaces, 16 inches long - or longer if you need it.  Embellished with your choice of colored pearls and semi-precious beads and pebbles.  Shown here are apatite, coral, turquoise and onyx.  $180 each.
Bracelets are also available.  Silver and gold combination also available.
I do all my own work, from the design of the original piece to fabrication, in
which separate parts are hammered, sawed and assembled by soldering.  Each piece is completed by extensive polishing and, if warranted, patina.

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