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Adornments for the bridal party can be as simple as a  colored pearl necklace, chosen to enhance a gown.  Or, a design may be chosen that combines elements of the bride's adornments.  Shown below are colored pearl necklaces, in green and turquoise, with handmade silver beads.  Pearls for these necklaces are available in all shades from creamy peach and soft lavender to copper or ravens wing.  The chunky pieces of quartz nugget, strung with large mother of pearl beads, are also available in a variety of colors.  By placing orders early, it enables me to shop at the gem shows for specific items and colors to coordinate your bridal party adornments.

Freshwater Pearl Necklace With Handmade Bead
Pearls come in a variety of luscious colors

Some brides like to present pieces of jewelry to their bridal party as gifts.
Here are some other interesting jewelry designs that may be color coordinated to match the bridal theme.

Hearts Are The Theme Of The Day!
Many different gems available

Pearls can be fun and funky!

Hammered Earrings with Garnets
Many other gems available

Fine Silver Texture Earrings with Pearls

Don't forget about honeymoon memories..............  Let me create a special piece of jewelry for you from a smooth stone or sea washed glass, picked up on a sunny day, or moonlit night.

Beach Glass Crinkle Pendant/ Beach Glass Bracelet
A Honeymood Memory

Quartz Nuggets with Mother of Pearl
Quartz comes in beautiful colors, shapes and sizes

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace With Amethysts
Let me help you design your own gifts!

Coin Pearl Earrings

Biwa Pearl Earrings

Color Coordinate Pearl Lariats

Beach Glass Gem Pendant

Beach Glass Beauties
Embraced by the sea, kissed by the sun

Wahine Designs Contemporary Handcrafted Jewelry

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