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This weblog is my online journal of my free trip to Kosovo.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

I received a wonderful surprise in the mail today: a carton of handmade Valentines from the Bement Lower School where my boys attend! I want to thank them so much, because it has brightened up my mood and the mood of many of the other soldiers with whom I have shared them. As I have said before, the days drag on here for the most part because little bad is happening unlike Iraq, so the challenge is to stay sharp and ready if and when it does. These gifts from home really liven up the drudgery.
The UN released its preliminary recommendation for the status of Kosovo, and the Serbs are not happy. The Russians neither. Still, possession is nine tenths the law, and NATO isn't going anywhere soon (except Afghanistan). It turns out that I am scheduled to fly out of here on the day that the final recommendation is released. If the Pristina airport is not burning then, I will be home by mid March. (I also hope that the Air Force transport flight path does not cross over Serbia...)
See the Gallery link for pictures of my recent trip to Pristina where I gave a Grand Rounds at the University Medical School.
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The local time in Kosovo (still a province of Serbia, for now) is...Click Here. P.S. Can you name all of the countries bordering the orange one?


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