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This is just a sample of the items available from Wahine Designs.
As all items are individually handmade, sizes and shapes of designs may slightly vary from those pictured.
Prices are retail.  Wholesale orders are welcome.  For a copy of wholesale prices and policies, please email your name, company name, mailing address, phone, fax and Tax ID  number to wahinedesigns@together.net.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the designs. 

Keumboo Collection
Fine Silver and 24 Karat Gold


Lentil Bead Slide
 N101t, $220, 1 1/4" on tricolor stainless steel, 18"
 N101g, $220, 1 1/4" on gold color stainless steel, 18"
E101 Eruption Earrings, $120
E102 Lentil Earrings, $140
Lentil Bead w/ Bale
  N103,  $320, 2" on Vermeil neckwire, 16"
  N104,  $220, 1 1/4" on tricolor stainless steel, 18"

Bent Coin Necklaces & Earrings
Sterling Silver or Vermeil

E103, $44, vermeil/gold fill wire
N105, $214, vermeil/gold fill clasp
N106, $184, sterling silver
E104, $40, sterling silver

Pearls are always in style
Pearls with fine silver, sterling silver and gold fill

N107g, $198, pearls wrapped with gold fill wire
N107s, $170, pearls wrapped with fine silver wire
E105s, $34, pearls wrapped with fine silver wire
E105g, $42, pearls wrapped with gold fill wire (not shown)


From Top, Clockwise
E105, Gold Circle Earrings, $100, fs/24k/gf
E102, Lentil Earrings, $140, fs/24k/ss
E106, Silver Square Earrings, $110, fs/24k,ss
E107, Silver Circle Earrings, $110, fs/24k/ss
E108, Brushed Triangle Earrings, $94, fs/24k/gf
E109 Oxidized Circle Earrings, $110, fs/24k/ss


Clockwise From Top
E110, Concave Texture Pearl Earrings, $86, fs/ss
E111s, Square Friend Earrings, $80, fs/ss
E112, Texture Dome w/ Pearl, $92, fs/24K/ss
E113s, Cube Earrings, $70, ss
E114, Double Dome Earrings, $102, fs/24K/ss
E113f, Cube Earrings, $74, ss/gf


Clockwise from Top
E123w, Shell Wire Earrings, $100, fs/24k/ss
E123p, Shell Post Earrings, $100, fs/24k/ss
N113, Shell Necklace, $150, fs/24k/ss
E124, Fish CZ Earrings, $80, fs/ss
E125, Assymetrical Fish Earrings, $80, fs/vermeil/ss
E122sq/g, Blister Pearl CZ Earrings, Square, $70 ss
E122r/s, Blister Pearl CZ Earrings, Rectangle, $76 gf
N112, Blister Pearl Necklace, $140, ss


Clockwise from Top
E126f, Square Crinkle Earrings, $136, ss, faceted stone
P102, Blister Pearl Crinkle Pendant, $196, ss, cabochon
E126c, Square Crinkle Earrings, $138, ss, cabochon
E127, Oblong Crinkle Earrings, $134, ss, cabochon
P103, Oblong Crinkle Pendant, $160, ss, cabochon
P101, Blister Pearl Crinkle Pendant, $212, ss, faceted stone
Many varieties of cabochons/faceted stones available


Clockwise from Top
P104b, Black Pearl Crinkle Pendant, $140, ss, cabochon
E128b, Black Pearl Crinkle Earrings, $130, ss
P104w, White Pearl Crinkle Pendant, $140, ss, cabochon
E128w, White Pearl Crinkle Earrings, $130, ss
Many varities of cabochons/facted stones available


Clockwise from Top
N110, Woven Necklace w/Swarovski, $360, fs&gf
E117s, Pearl & Swarovski Drops, $60ss
N109, Pearl, CZ & Swarovski Necklace, $78, ss or gf
E120s/g, CZ Squiggle Earrings, $40ss, $44gf
E115s/g, Pearl,CZ & Swarovski Earrings, $80 ss or gf
E119s/g, CZ Hoop Earrings, $40ss, $44gf
N111, Baroque Pearl Necklace, $220, ss, shown with moonstone
E121, Baroque Pearl Earrings, $220, ss, shown with moonstone
E118s/g, Pearl, CZ & Swarovski Earrings, $80, ss or gf
E116, Blister Pearl Earrings, $116, ss

Colored Pearls

Clockwise from Top
E115s/g, Pearl, CZ & Swarovski Earrings, $80, ss or gf
N119w, White Pearl & Swarovski Necklace, $170, ss
E117s/g, Pearl & Swarovski Drops, $60ss, $66gf
N119g, Green Pearl & Swarovski Necklace, $170, ss
E111r, Round Friend Earrings, $80 fs/ss
N120, Multicolor Pearl Necklace, $120, ss
E115s/g, Pearl, CZ & Swarovski Earrings, $80, ss or gf
N121, Isis Necklace, $220, ss/fs, peridot
E134s/g, Pearl Vortex Earrings, $62ss, $70gf
Swarovski Crystals are available in many colors

Gem Twist Necklaces
Wear them long, or short and twisted

Clockwise from Top
N114, Gem Twist Necklaces, $216 ss
            Many color combinations available
            36" length may be worn long, or twisted into a choker style
E130s/g, Coin Pearl Wire Earrings, $40ss, $46gf
E131s/g, Coin Pearl Circle Earrings, $44ss, $50gf
E129s/g, Biwa Pearl Wire Earrings, $40ss, $46gf


Clockwise from Top
E132w, Coin Pearl Bezel Wire, $80ss
N115g/s, Triple Coin Pearl Necklace, $64, gf,sp
N116g/s, Single Coin Pearl Necklace, $56, gf,sp (not shown)
E132p, Coin Pearl Bezel Post, $80 ss
N117, Gem Coin Pearl Necklace, $100ss
E133w, Biwa Bezel Wire Earring, $130ss
N118, Dancing Coin Pearls Necklace, $190, ss
E133p, Biwa Bezel Post Earrings, $130ss
Many gemstones available.  Please inquire.

Swarovski Pearls

Clockwise from Top
N122, Swarovski Pearl Necklace, small bead clasp, $146, fs/ss
E135s/g, Swarovski Pearl Earrings, $40, ss/gf
N1123, Swarovski Pearl Necklace, large bead clasp, $160, fs/ss
Swarovski Pearls are available in the following colors:
white                    tahitian                 gold
black                    burgundy              rose
lt. gray                 peach                    lt. blue
bronze                  dk. purple             creme

Titanium & Fine Silver Bracelets
Cubic Zirconia add color

                                          1 stone      2 stones   3 stones   4 stones
B102    12 gauge                $134            $140                         $150
B103    10 gauge                  140                           $150
B104      8 gauge                  146              150

Silver Bangles

B105    Pearl Ends     $140
B106    Gem Ends      $166
B107    14K Ends       $160

Handmade Chains with Pearls and Gems

Clockwise from Top
N127, Pearl Byzantine Necklace, $250, ss/gf
B109, Pearl Byzantine Bracelet, $100, ss/gf
N128, Gem Byzantine Necklace, $250, ss
B110, Gem Byzantine Bracelet, $100, ss
B111, Byzantine Bracelet, $200, ss/gf
B112, Byzantine Bracelet, $190, ss
B113, Byzantine Cube Bracelet, $110, ss


Clockwise from Top
E138 Leaf Earrings, $70 ss
N125s, Toggle Necklace, $128, ss necklace, gf, gem beads
N126, Pearl Twist Necklace w/ Lentil, $214, ss/fs/24k
E139, Circle Dome Earrings, $86, fs/24k/gf
B108, Silver Balls Bracelet, $144, ss
E125g, Toggle Necklace, $150, gf necklace, ss, gem beads
E136, Black Mother of Pearl Earrings, $88ss
N124, Black Mother of Pearl Necklace, $90ss
E137, Concave Square Earrings, $80, fs/24k

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